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5% Off Promotion

Safed and Golan Heights – Day tour – 5% off

Safed and Golan Heights Start your day with a drive to Safed, the city of the Jewish mystics, and considered on of the the holiest cities in Israel. This where many of the Jewish mystics who developed Kabbala lived and studied. More information>>>

Israel Heritage – Day tour – 5% off

Israel Heritage - Day tour This tour is for people who want to understand and experience the backdrop to the establishment of the State of Israel. Start the day in Tel Aviv, with a visit of the Independence Hall where the establishment of the State of Israel was declared. More information>>>

10% Off Promotion

Jerusalem Jewish Heritage – Day tour – 10% off

Jerusalem Jewish Heritage Our Jerusalem Jewish Heritage Tour gives you an understanding of the importance of Jerusalem in Jewish Heritage, showing how Jerusalem connects the old and the new, the ancient and modern, the individual and the nation. More information>>>

Tel Aviv City Intro Walking Tour – 10% off

Tel Aviv City Intro Walking Tour Welcome to the most exciting city in the Middle East! Tel Aviv is a city on the edge – where the land meets the sea, where history meets the future, where West meets East. More information>>>

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