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Yeshiyah Amariel

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Yeshiyah Amariel Guide Profile
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Name Yeshiyah Amariel
Gender Male
Age 36
City of Residence Arad
Primary Languages English
Guide since 2002
Licensed since 2002
Summary A previous volunteer for the Nature and Park Authority part of the Ministry of Environmental Protection in Israel which is responsible for the formulation of a nationwide, integrated, and inclusive policy for the protection of the environment.

Job Responsibilities
2002-2004: 60 hr/wk

Previous hospitality/retail experience, sales experience as cashier of site merchandise and daily entry fees for visits to national attraction.

Responsible for account of monthly financial records alongside manager.

Responsible for Nighttime security for the Tel Arad National Park the site. Read
more about the site at

Responsible for dealing with customers and to distribute tour literature and information

Responsible for conducting tours of the Becken Arad and Temple with previous public speaking and presentation skills.
Interests Biblical Archaeology, Jewish Studies, Judaeo calendar.
Guiding Locations
  • Masada
  • Israel
  • Negev
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