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Ammunition Hill

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Ammunition Hill is the Israeli national memorial site dedicated to the Six-Day War.
Located in the eastern part of Jerusalem, this site was where an important and bloody confrontation occurred between Israeli and Jordanian forces in 1967. 

Because of an agreement made after the 1948 War of Independence, Jordan controlled the east Jerusalem. A blockade of the road leading to Mount Scopus was created. The situation was problematic because Israel had no way to access Hadassah Hospital or The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
During the early morning hours on July 6, 1967, Israeli ground troops moved toward Ammunition Hill; outnumbered and slightly unprepared. After four hours of intense fighting which claimed the lives of 36 Israelis and 71 Jordanians, the Jordanian army retreated. Now East Jerusalem was in Israeli control. This meant access to Mount Scopus and a reunified Jerusalem.  

Today on Ammunition Hill, original trenches and bunkers remain along with an observation point. There is a short film explaining the history of the Sixth-Day war. Because it was decided to make this place the official Sixth-Day War memorial, 182 olive trees were planted on the premises; each one dedicated to a fallen Israeli soldier. 
Every year, state officials gather on Ammunition Hill to participate in the Jerusalem Day ceremonies.