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Banias Nature Reserve

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The Banias Springs are located at the bottom of Mount Hermon, in the Golan. A walk through this archeological park and nature reserve will reveal insights into the many civilities that once called this area home. Some of these ancient civilizations include the Roman, Herodian, Byzantine, Crusader, and Ottoman civilizations. You will be able to see remains of Herod’s temple as well as Crusader built towers.

Israel declared independence in 1948; at that time this area was under Syrian control. The Banias River did, however, flow into Israel through the Demilitarized Zone. Negotiations pertaining to control of this area and its natural resources went back and forth for years between Israel and Syria. An agreement was never reached. However, on the last day of the Six-Day War, Israeli troops captured the Village of the Banias, acquiring its land, and integrating the rest of the Golan Heights into present day Israel. 

The Banias Waterfall is Israeli’s tallest waterfall, standing 10 meters tall. To get to this otherwise hidden gem, some light hiking is required. Depended on the path you choose, it should take you close to an hour (each way) to reach the waterfall. Along the way you will see indigenous plants and flowers. Once at the waterfall, feel free to jump in and swim around.