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Golan Heights

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The Golan Heights is a mountainous region in the northernmost part of Israel. Once part of Syria, this area was captured by the Israeli forces during the Sixth-Day War in 1967. There are many memorials and parks located in former battle sites. Since 1967, this area has been an integral part of Israel’s landscape. 

A diverse population lives in the area including: Jews, Christians, Muslims, Arab citizens and Druze. The Druze, known for their hospitality, handicraft and secret religious customs, enjoy welcoming visitors into their villages.
The Golan is home to many plants and animals as well as agricultural industries. In the vicinity there are many apple orchards, cherry trees and grape vineyards. In recent years, the growing wine industry originating in the Golan has flourished and gained international acclaim. Many of these wineries welcome tourists. 
Nature is plentiful and outdoor activities are popular. There are many hiking trails to explore, natural springs to swim in, and Mount Hermon, where skiing is possible in the winter! 

Here you will experience some of Israel’s most specular scenic views. It is easy to look out into the mountains and see kilometers upon kilometers of untouched landscape and nature.

Even if your stay in Israel is short, don’t miss visiting this wonderful region.