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St. Joseph Church

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The St. Joseph Church is located within a very close proximity to the Church of Annunciation in downtown Nazareth. Some traditions believe that this was the location of Joseph’s house. While this claim still remains disputed among different Christian fractions, it is well agreed, that Joseph, the father of Jesus, had his carpentry studio in this location. 

The design for the church was based on Crusader style churches; built in the Neo Romanski Style. When the Crusaders built this church, it was on top of the remains of a Byzantine Era church. Originally, this church’s purpose was not to honor the house of Joseph, but rather some other purpose.  It was only later that tradition changed and this site became synonymous with St. Joseph.

Today, the church is under Franciscan guardianship. Similar to the Church of Annunciation, in 1914, this church was built and established over the ruins of even more ancient churches. 

Inside the lower level of the church, or the crypt as it is sometimes referred to, there are artifacts from Nazareth dating back to the 1st and 2nd centuries BCE. Some of these remnants include an antique water pit, various mosaics, as well as caves and barns.