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Yardenit is located on the Jordan River near the southern tip of the Sea of Galilee. This man-made baptism site welcomes more than half a million pilgrims and tourists each year. This area is both calming and spiritual. It is located near sites of importance to the Christian faith such as Capernaum and Megiddo. 

There are no fees or admission costs. However, should you wish to baptize in a traditional white robe, they are available to rent or purchase at the on-site gift shop. In the shop you will also find a large array of gifts and souvenirs such as: books, maps, candles, holy water and crucifixes. 
Yardenit prides itself with being respectful to all religions, denominations and beliefs. There are designated areas for prayer, mediation and contemplation. Small and large groups are welcome; as are members of non-Christian faiths.

The site is handicap accessible. A few modern comforts have been built; these include: railings to hold on to, as well as on-site restroom facilities. The river has intentionally remained untouched, as not to disrupt the ecosystem in any way. Plants grow naturally and wildlife flourishes. Fish swim in the river and if you’re lucky, you may even encounter an otter!