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Caesarea Half Day Tour - self guided

  • Explore the extensive Roman ruins at the Caesarea National Park
  • Look out over the Mediterranean horizon from the well preserved Roman Marina

10:30 - Depart from Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv

11:30 - Arrive at Caesarea National Park, self guided tour

14:30 - Leave to Tel Aviv

15:30 - Arrive to Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv

NB: All times are approximate

-This is a self-guided tour, meaning that it includes full transportation, but no actual guide.

Escape the city limits and take a day trip to the ancient Roman ruins at the Caesarea National Park.

Did you always want to step back in time?

Then this is your chance to do so while joining our Virtual Reality (VR) experience in Caesarea! The VR experience in Caesarea allows you to stand in front of ancient ruins and gives you the chance to visualize how it used to look like around you thousands of years ago.

So don't miss out and take the opportunity to step back in time with only an additional cost of 40 ILS.

We depart from Tel Aviv mid-morning, traveling along the coastline northward as the Mediterranean Sea shimmers in the sunlight to the west. You’ll soon arrive at the Caesarea National Park where the ruins of an ancient Roman harbor city await. Caesarea was one of the most significant Roman cities outside of Rome during the time of Herod, and the ruins include a Hippodrome, aqueduct, houses, and palaces.

Following your time at Caesarea, we return back to Tel Aviv in the afternoon.

*This tour operates without a Tour Guide ! It is a "self-guided" tour.

You book directly with the tour provider Abraham Tours!

Weekly Availability
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  • Self Guiding materials
  • Full Transportation from Tel Aviv*
  • * Self guided tour with full transportation
Not included
  • Entrance to Caesarea National Park (40 ILS)
  • Guide (self guiding materials available)
  • Virtual Reality (VR) device (40 ILS) - Optional
  • Lunch
Meeting Point
Tel Aviv - Abraham Hostel
Dropoff Point
Tel Aviv - Abraham Hostel
Additional Info
Things to bring:
Hat and sunscreen
Water and snacks