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The Night Spectacular, Tower of David light show

  • Stunning music and light show
  • Backdrop of the Citadel at the Tower of David
  • One of the highlights of any visit to Jerusalem
  • Location: Jaffa Gate - Old City
Book online and purchase your tickets for the Tower of David Light Show, known as the Jerusalem Night Spectacular, stunningly combines the wonders of modern technology, the tumultuous history of Jerusalem and the beauty of the Citadel at the City of David in an unforgettable show intertwining visual and auditory effects. 

The Jerusalem Light Show at the Tower of David Museum brings alive the walls, walkways and turrets of Jerusalem's Tower of David with a vibrant music and light show portraying Jerusalem's often bloody history - follow the conquests and downfalls of Greeks, Romans, Crusader, Ottoman and Caliphs as they in turn took then lost control of Jerusalem. The light show utilizes amazing 3D technology, called "trompe I'oeil" (French for "deceiving the eye") which through 10 video players, 20 projectors, 14 computers, 14 loudspeakers, two projection rooms and 8 miles of cables projects massive lifelike moving and interacting images and scenes onto the ancient stones, pulling the viewer into this unforgettable, almost dreamlike, experience. 

A great way to get a feeling for Jerusalem's varied history and have an thoroughly entertaining evening at the same time, the Night Spectacular light show is one Jerusalem experience not to be missed!

The show runs for approximately 40 minutes. Please ensure that you dress warmly – the light show is outside in the open air. Each light show begins with a walk-through the courtyard at the Tower of David Citadel.

The show will not take place in the event of rain.The Night Spectacular is wheelchair accessible. The museum and the permanent exhibition are closed at 16:00.   

Interested in the NEW "King David" light show starting from 01.04.2018 - CLICK HERE - !                
Additional Info
Handicap accessible

Please note that the price for the Night-spectacular show at the Tower of David Museum is:

Adult: 65 NIS (Israeli Shekel)
Child (3-18): 55 NIS (Israeli Shekel)

Adult Combination (Museum and Night-spectacular show):
80 NIS (Israeli Shekel)
Child (3-18) Combination (Museum and Night-spectacular show):
65 NIS (Israeli Shekel)

Cancellation Policy:

Please note, cancellations will be accepted until 10:00am on the day before the performance at the reservation centre of the Tower of David Museum.

The Night Spectacular will not take place in the event of extreme weather conditions and if the show is cancelled, you will be fully refunded of course.

You book directly online through the Tower of David Museum.