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Time Elevator Jerusalem

  • Journey through 3000 years of Jerusalem's history
  • Family Fun Experience
  • 30min of multimedia animation
  • Panoramic Screens
  • Seats that move with the action in 6 different directions
  • Available in 8 languages
The Time Elevator Jerusalem puts you in the driving seat as you are taken on a journey through the history of Jerusalem. Meet face to face some of the personalities that were involved in the building of Jerusalem and hear what King Solomon, Zidkiyahu, and Herod the Great have to say about their contributions to the city. Your seat will actually move with the action in six different directions as you see Jerusalem being built and razed, conquered and re-conquered, and travel the city from the Second Temple period, under Roman and Byzantine rule to modern times to get a first hand feeling of what Jerusalem has meant to so many people throughout the ages. Haim Topol, of 'Fiddler on the Roof' fame narratives this unique show educating and entertaining the viewer in equal measure so that in only 30 minutes you'll understand the history of Jerusalem from ancient times to the present day.

Please book ahead to ensure that you don't miss the show!

Available in eight languages:
English,Russian,French,Spanish,German,Mandarin,Italian and Hebrew
Meeting Point
The Jerusalem Time Elevator is situated at:
6 Yitshak Kariv Street
Alrov Mamilla Avenue
Additional Info
Stationary seats for pregnant woman and people who suffer from motion-sickness are available - please state if needed when booking.Perfect for the whole family (children over the age of 5 admitted).

Please note that the price for the Time Elevator Jerusalem is:

54 NIS (Israeli Shekel) per person
Special Online reduction price: 46 NIS (Israeli Shekel) per person

You book directly online through the Time Elevator Jerusalem.